07 Sep 2019

This Week Letter – September 8, 2019

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From the Pastor’s Desk


Today’s Gospel establishes the status of a Disciple of Christ.  It tells us that by choosing Jesus in our lives, He becomes our greatest treasure, closer to us even than our own family. To be a Disciple of Christ means that we place Him first in our lives and, like Him, we accept our earthly cross.


A certain man complained that his life’s cross was too heavy.  That night he had a dream that Jesus took him to a place where there were very many crosses of various sizes and He said to the man: “I heard your complaint that your cross was too heavy, so please choose a cross that is more suitable for you.”  The man began to try out the various crosses and at last chose one, saying: “This is a cross I am able to carry.”  Jesus answered:  “That is the very cross you have been carrying your entire life.  How could you think that I would ever give you a cross beyond your strength to bear?”


In today’s Gospel, Jesus advises us to make very careful calculations before embarking on any decisions affecting future ventures in our lives.   Today, then, let us contemplate whether we are able and worthy to serve as “Disciples of Christ”.  The best way to accomplish this end is by a daily examination of conscience.


God bless,

Fr. Richard Milek