06 Aug 2021

This Week Letter – August 8, 2021

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If anyone eats this bread, he will live forever.

In today’s Gospel, we hear a continuation of last Sunday’s teaching. To His disciples and the crowds, Jesus explains the path to eternal life. The key is to understand the meaning of the “Bread of Life” which has the power to save. Bread is the most basic and irreplaceable food. The Israelites of the Biblical times understood this very well. Jesus, however, by saying that He is “bread” indicates that He is the irreplaceable and supernatural source of the soul’s existence. The soul, as we know from philosophy, is the element of life in every living being. Jesus also said that He Himself is “Life.” Saint Paul will later explain in his letter to the Colossians: “All things were created through Him and for Him. He is before everything and everything in Him has existence. ” Our body with its senses, feelings, and abilities, as well as our mind and soul belong to Jesus.

Yet among many of us, along with the Jews of the Gospel, there is disbelief and murmuring. Many of us prefer to “discuss” religion, the church, and even deviate from the practice of faith. We lack the determination to “taste and see how good the Lord is.” In order to overcome this weakness, one must begin the process of serious conversion of the heart. We must go to Jesus, limit the spread of worldly ideas that affect our senses and feelings, and by denying ourselves to evil, we will find the treasure hidden in the Word of God and the Eucharist.

Roman Harmata PA