04 Jun 2016

This Week Letter – June 05, 2016

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Dear Parishioners and Friends,


Faith is the basis of our Christian existence. We repeat the profession of faith during every Mass. We believe in God because He is our foundation, we believe in the church because it is our tradition, we believe in salvation because it is our future. If not for our faith, we would be like animals.

The joy of the Resurrection reminds us of our future, one we are striving towards and one about which we dream. Our faith, our religion, and finally the Holy Scriptures, the texts written by the prophets and Apostles, inspired by the Holy Spirit, teach us about Jesus’ life on earth, but also give us instructions and reminders about the joys and wonders of life that constantly remind us how to live, grow, and follow Christ.

The prophet Elijah, one of the first prophets of the Old Testament, often showed his contemporaries how to live and behave to please the Lord. In the reading from the First Book of Kings, we see how Elijah who often experiences God’s presence asks Him for the grace of life for the son of a poor widow. In this event, we find an important prerequisite: only fervent and sincere prayer will be heard by God.

And what is today’s message from the Gospel of Luke, who speaks about the resurrection of a young man of Nain? Here too we see a poor widow weeping over the loss of her only son. Again we hear that fervent prayer by a man of God not only restores everything the widow ever loved, but also ensures she is supported in the later years of her life. The readings and the Gospel, consistent with each other in content and form, move our hearts and bring hope that God who can do all, will grant us what we ask if our prayer is zealous and sincere.

I believe that our country, our world, and our society, like the youth of Nain, the young man resurrected by God through the prayers of Elijah, and finally, like St. Paul who converted to faith, will overcome its apathy and be strengthened and united in love and hope thanks to the prayers we address to God.

Congratulations to the 8th grade students at St. Constance School, who had their beautiful graduation ceremony on Saturday, June 4th.

God, you want to unite all people around the world through the Holy Spirit, because only you are the Way, the Truth and the Life. Let us, especially the young among us, know your grace so that we wholeheartedly believe in you and trust you to the end. God bless!