06 Mar 2021

This Week Letter – March 7, 2021

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My Brothers and My Sisters,


In the past week, many nasty words were spoken.  Some went so far as to call me a liar, a traitor, a Judas, not a real priest and finally, evasive.  I can only imagine how many unkind words are being exchanged daily in your Christian homes.  Let us now think of Jesus.

In today’s Gospel, we meet a Jesus whom many of us, particularly today, do not recognize.  The same Jesus who Isaiah prophesied would not break a bruised reed nor quench a smoldering wick, the same Jesus the Psalmists named gentle and merciful, the same Jesus who called Himself meek and humble of heart, that same Jesus began to overturn tables, spill coins on the floor and fashion a whip out of cords to drive out sheep and oxen from the temple.  There is no contradiction between the image of Jesus as a kind, merciful friend of sinners and of Jesus consumed with zeal for the house of his Father, because out of this love for sinners and the Father, as much as He loved the sinner, He hated the sin that could destroy that sinner.  He acted out of love.  And you, when using harsh words against another, can you say, for certain, that you are doing this out of love?


Your Priest,

 Fr. Paul Barwikowski