21 Apr 2021

This Week Letter – April 18, 2021

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Brothers and Sisters!


Watch out . . .

Fatigue often accompanies the celebration of various events.  Throughout Lent we prepared ourselves for the great Easter Vigil.  How many” Pieces of Bread for Eternal Life” did we manage to ignite?  How many homilies did we listen to? How good it felt to have completed our Lenten resolutions.  When the Great Day beginning our Christian celebration arrived, when it came right down to it, it turned out that we no longer had the strength to give witness to our faith.

We ought to be guard when It comes to giving scandalous counter testimony, for instead of leading others to Jesus, we may often chase them away.  Pope Francis cautions that if a Christian gets carried away by emotions, vanity, selfishness and remains deaf and blind to the questions regarding Resurrection asked in various ways by many others, then that Christian will never be able to show Christ to others.

It is only normal for children to want to see Jesus in their parents.  People look for Jesus in their priests.  I want to see Jesus in You.


Your Priest,

Fr. Paul Barwikowski