14 Jul 2020

This Week Letter – July 12, 2020

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My Brothers and Sisters,


To be holy, you need to have good soil.

Jesus tells us that good soil yields fruit and not just a small amount, but an abundance of fruit: 30, 60 even 100-fold, all huge numbers according to the Jewish mentality of that time.  Do we listen to the Word of God with the intention of producing much fruit?  Do we react to God’s work in our lives with openness  and the desire to do something great for Him?  It seems that the majority of Catholics place more faith in Tylenol and Advil than in listening to the Word of God or even in receiving the Most Holy Eucharist.  They know that these pills will practically always do something to alleviate pain upon their ingestion, but they do not expect that the Word made flesh in the Eucharist will do much at all.  Today, if someone famous would speak about how to achieve success or how to be rich and happy, many would listen to him attentively.  If that person advised: “Do this” or “Never do that”, many would change their habits immediately.


Yet many of us do not approach the Word of God with the same attention and readiness for change and action.  We listen to worldly gurus  and celebrities more intently than to Jesus.  We do not approach Him as if what he has to say will change our lives at all.


I have an idea!  Over this week, try to remember the Words of today’s Gospel…I will ask you if you remember them.  Let’s take care that the soil of our souls yields abundant fruit and remember, the stem   of wheat never grows alone.  It grows in a cluster…thus creating community.


Your Priest

Fr. Paul