29 Jul 2017

This Week Letter – July 30, 2017

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Dear Parishioners and Friends.


The essence of the parable of the treasure, the pearl and the nets of today’s Gospel (Mt. 13: 44-52), is what constitutes the center of the kingdom of God: God, who gives Himself to man in Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit, constantly hiding, but then revealing Himself. Hiding Himself, so that His power, the splendor and the greatness of love can not enslave man, but respect his free will, revealed enough for everyone to know and accept Him.
What is the thing that helps today’s person to find this precious pearl, the one, the only one? How can he distinguish the real treasure from many worthless items that he sometimes takes to the antique shop, thinking that he will receive a large sum of money for them? They are known to be unrecognizable when someone has discovered a treasure – old, valuable coins, but because of ignorance he used them to produce concrete, and another time as a nail pad for roof repairs.
As far as material values ​​are concerned, knowledge and experience are needed in order not to look foolish. Similarly, in spiritual matters, besides the acquired knowledge and experience gained, every man who comes into the world possesses another “tool”: he is endowed by God with a conscience. It allows him to not only distinguish good from evil, but also encourages good action and make him refrain from evil deeds.
Am I aware of how valuable a properly formed conscience is, like King Solomon? He was given before an incredible opportunity. God Himself said to him, “Ask what I’m going to give you.” In response, Salomon does not follow his own advantage. Yes, he asks for himself, but for the sake of his people. He gained fame of one as the greatest sages of antiquity.
The boundary between good and evil is sometimes faint and blurred. People are confused and often call evil good, and good evil, without referring to God – the ultimate criterion of all values. Yet, as evidenced by the Gospel, the consequences of improper distinctions can be terrible. At the end of the world, “the angels will go out, they will separate the wicked from the righteous and cast them into a fiery furnace; There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth “(Mt 13,41n). Recalling this truth, Jesus asks His listeners, “Have you understood all these things?” (Mt 13: 1-5). Today, He is still asking everyone the same thing. This question shows the concern of the One who above all wants to be merciful to every sinner.

Before we start another week of work or vacation, let us reconsider the Word of God once more, to realize what a treasure this pearl we have and constantly rediscover it at every moment of our lives.

God bless!