20 Jun 2020

This Week Letter – June 21, 2020

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My Brothers and Sisters,


The prophet Jeremiah was just a man abused by others.


You may be wondering why we are speaking of him in today’s Scripture Reading?  Perhaps it is because our Mother, the Church, knows that you, too, have experienced abuse. If anyone makes fun of you, especially before others. or talks about you behind your back, saying something so wrong you can’t figure out what got into that person’s head, or if he constantly teases you complaining and wailing, when you encounter such a person who antagonizes you, then you are like Jeremiah. You then feel beset upon, but also begin to be afraid.  You fear such an abusive person, fear he may hurt you even further, fear you may hear from such a person again, or worse that such a person may destroy your future.


But Jesus says, “Fear no one,”


I would rather fear God, for if I live in opposition to Him, I forfeit body and soul to hell.  Let’s be honest, Brothers and Sisters, for something is changing in our belief.  We think to ourselves, ”What will others say?” while very few think, “What will God say?” Man we fear, but not particularly God, saying, “He is far from us” or “Anyway, He is merciful!”


Your Priest

Fr. Paul