16 Mar 2019

This Week Letter – March 17, 2019

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From the Pastor’s Desk…

The Lenten season and particularly today’s readings call us to change our hearts and our lives.  In the first reading, Abram is changed to Abraham, the father of all believers.  His descendents are to be as numerous as the stars in heaven and the crowning effect of his relationship with God is the covenant that the Lord entered into with Abram.
The second reading assures us that our homeland is in heaven and that Christ will transform our bodies, wasted and damaged on earth, into glorified bodies like His own.  And this is the beauty of our faith that has the power to transform our earthly life into life eternal.
The final and most convincing call for our transformation is the figure of the Transfigured Christ in today’s Gospel.  This sight has an amazing effect on the Apostles who wish to remain always with this Transfigured Christ.  God, Who reveals the Transfigured Christ to us, also shows us the way to eternal communion with Him.  That way is indicated in the words: “This is my chosen Son.  Listen to Him.”

During Lent, let us determine whether we are obedient and faithful to Jesus Christ.  Let us open our hearts to His every word and share the Word with others.  Belief in Christ as the Son of God is the only way and guarantee of our personal transformation and attainment to spiritual perfection.  Through prayer, fasting and almsgiving,  may this Lent deepen our faith and love toward God and our neighbor.
You are invited to participate in the Lenten retreat at Our Lady of Victory Parish from Monday, March 25th , through Wednesday, March 27th , at 7:00 pm each day.   The retreat will be conducted by Monsignor John Canary, the former Rector of Mundelein Seminary and the present Director of the Retreat House in Mundelein.

                                                                                        God Bless…..  Fr. Rich