02 Sep 2017

This Week Letter – September 3, 2017

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Dear Parishioners and Friends.


By analyzing our lives in terms of the way of the cross, we often find resemblances that allow us to get closer to faith in God- through Jesus Christ. We suffer out of love, from illness, from pain. Our suffering may stem from lack of joy, to excess of concern. We suffer from being falsely accused, slandered; sometimes we think that suffering is inherent in our lives. We hear today Jeremiah’s words, which seem to relate to us in our daily tribulation, and they touch us, giving us much  to think about. “You seduced me, Lord, and I let myself be seduced; You have enslaved me and overpowered me. I have become a daily laughingstock, everyone reproaches me “(Jr 20,7). And we want to live well, easily and pleasantly. But looking at today’s times, such as the persecution of Christians in Africa, on the unwillingness of the liberal world to consider  the divine and in the pursuit of corrupt and degenerate fashions, we come to the conclusion that it is not easy to live like Christ.
When we listen to the Gospel, chills go up and  down our spine, and the words of Jesus to Peter: “Get  out of my sight, Satan!” (Mt 16,23) are terrifying. What is going on? Peter’s remarks were a spontaneous reaction, but his heart and mind could not say anything else because it was out of concern for the life of Jesus. By your direct answer, the Lord Jesus indicates that one should not push for one’s own subjective views. I suppose Peter had similar dilemma in his soul, but he did realize into the depths of the whole situation; God knows best what is good. For us, the Gospel of Christ is of particular importance: “If anyone wants to follow me, let him deny himself, let him take up his cross, and follow me” (Mt 16:24). It is extremely important, though it is difficult, because Jesus chose to fulfill a difficult task. For us, undertaking a difficult task is usually combined with a great risk. The Lord Jesus did not take risks. He had a hundred percent certainty about what awaited Him in Jerusalem. He knew He will feel exactly every stroke, every fall. He will feel the kiss of Judas and the terrible thirst on the cross. He will feel the agonizing pain of the nails …
I want to thank all those who worked hard to prepare our parish picnic in Bunker Hill with all my heart. First of all, thank you Co-chairpersons of the picnic, Mrs. Theresa Milewska and Mr. John B. Reynolds. Thank you, Fr. Paweł Barwikowski, Fr. Krzysztof Seroka and Fr. Roman Deyna for celebrating the Mass. I also thank the following volunteers and sponsors: Tomasz Wojdyła, Kazimierz Milewski, Gail Reynolds, Sr. Kinga, Sr. Zofia, Eugeniusz and Maria Chojnowscy, Dorota, Wiesław, Patryk and Natalia Archacki, Irena and Józef Milewski, Jadwiga and Edward Ramotowski, Jadwiga and Zbigniew Strzelec, Kazimierz Kozioł, Dorota Strek, Roberta Wachowicz, Gerry and Wally Hening, Lucyna Jurkowski, Joanna Stasiak, Krystyna and Jerzy Jabłonowski, Marian Cierpia, Zofia and Józef Czarny, Józefa and Tadeusz Tabaka, Boguslaw and Franciszek Kolek, Lucjan Majewski, Wiktoria Włodyka, Roman Harmata, Józef Krutul, Dominika Knurek, Polish Army Historical Association in Chicago. I thank all the parishioners and guests who honored their presence.
To my niece Marlena, thank you for your short visit. I hope you will wel remember your vacation spent in Chicago. I wish you a happy return trip to Poland and, of course, divine care and good spiritual preparation for the sacrament of marriage next year.

God Bless You All.