This Week Letter – May 16, 2021

Brothers and Sisters My sister found out that she has cancer. The day before her operation, I had an opportunity to speak with my sister.  I was surprised when, clutching her rosary, she said very resolutely that she was grateful to God for everything. I told her to continue her “celebration of gratitude” up until.. read more →

This Week Letter – May 9, 2021

Brothers and Sisters   Love, love, love . . .   I think that the most used word in the English language is the word “love”.  In addition, I think this word is by far the most abused.   True love is not only the warm feeling you experience in the presence of another.  True.. read more →

This Week Letter – May 2, 2021

Brothers and Sisters,   Wow!  I just realized that God needs me!   A vine cannot bear fruit without branches.  The stalk only holds the branches, but it is the branches that bear the fruit.  In other words, God counts on you to cooperate with him in order to bear good fruit.  Otherwise, the great.. read more →

This Week Letter – April 25, 2021

Dear Brothers and Sisters…   By considering the Lord’s Word given to us, I come to the conclusion that the time of Lent is a time to make an effort. Lent is very dynamic. We are called to be on the move. Jesus never says to us, “Stay where you are”, but always “Come!” and.. read more →

This Week Letter – April 18, 2021

Brothers and Sisters!   Watch out . . . Fatigue often accompanies the celebration of various events.  Throughout Lent we prepared ourselves for the great Easter Vigil.  How many” Pieces of Bread for Eternal Life” did we manage to ignite?  How many homilies did we listen to? How good it felt to have completed our.. read more →