This Week Letter – June 21, 2020

AND WHO DO YOU FEAR, WHO?   My Brothers and Sisters,   The prophet Jeremiah was just a man abused by others.   You may be wondering why we are speaking of him in today’s Scripture Reading?  Perhaps it is because our Mother, the Church, knows that you, too, have experienced abuse. If anyone makes.. read more →

This Week Letter – June 7, 2020

Brothers and Sisters, It is with great joy that we can approach the Lord’s Table, together. We are starting by organizing smaller groups so that the Eucharistic meeting becomes even more communal, so that we are not strangers. Today we celebrate the Solemnity of the Holy Trinity. In a very real sense, each Sunday is.. read more →

This Week Letter – May 31, 2020

Brothers and Sisters,   What does Holy Spirit want from us?   When we learn about the Holy Spirit by reading the Word of God, we are surprised by the truth about Him: He is demanding! He wants to live in us like in a temple! He wants to teach us to pray as we.. read more →

This Week Letter – May 24, 2020

Brothers and Sisters,   Tell Jesus about your desires …   Did Jesus die? Yes, but it is an event from the past. Is Jesus alive? Yes, it is the current reality! Much happened in Jesus’ thirty-three years of life, all to give us what we need to follow Him on the path to a happy.. read more →

This Week Letter – May 17, 2020

Brothers and Sisters,   I would like to talk about hope. It has been important to me ever since I lost my older brother. As a young boy, I could only admire my parents who never lost their hope that they would see him again. In his letter, St. Peter tells us to be always.. read more →