This Week Letter – April 11, 2021

Brothers and Sisters,   How incredibly merciful is Jesus! Have you ever wondered what you would do after your own resurrection?  In the moving gospel we heard today on this Mercy Sunday, we witnessed what Jesus did on the day of His resurrection.  He passed through the locked door of the room where the apostles.. read more →

This Week Letter – April 4, 2021

  Brothers and Sisters,   Jesus was not only resurrected. He wants to meet Us. He wants to meet His disciples. “Go to Galilee, you will see Me there.” He wants to meet us. Yes! It is not important now that so many times you have denied Jesus at work, at home, in the city!.. read more →

This Week Letter – March 28, 2021

Dear Brothers and Sisters…   By considering the Lord’s Word given to us, I come to the conclusion that the time of Lent is a time to make an effort. Lent is very dynamic. We are called to be on the move. Jesus never says to us, “Stay where you are”, but always “Come!” and.. read more →

This Week Letter – March 21, 2021

Brothers and Sisters,   I, too, would like you to show me Jesus of Nazareth; no doubt, your family expects this of you, also. Like the Greeks in our Gospel, there are many today who want to see Jesus.   They look to us gathered in our churches much like the Greeks who turned to.. read more →

This Week Letter – March 14, 2021

Brothers and Sisters,   Many people are afraid to give a child a Cross as a gift.  This exaggerated behavior must be dropped.   Today’s Gospel points out the meaning of the Cross in your life and mine,   The Cross is something much greater and more mysterious than it might seem at first glance. .. read more →